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Thank you for joining the Write Away journey. Once your registration and deposit has been received, we'll contact you within 24 hours with full confirmation and Retreat Details.

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Write Away Europe Writing Retreats are carefully coordinated to offer inspiring and invigorating retreats in some of Europe's most captivating locales.  The Write Away Europe team has personally selected some of the best settings in Europe for Writing Residents to escape, explore and create.

While each program offers different stunning settings and unique experiences, what they all share are:

  • Small groups of interesting artistic peers, participants who love the craft of writing;
  • Professional on-hand experienced staff and talented mentors;
  • Inspiring Writing Workshops conducted in a relaxed and rewarding manner to facillitate positive peer review and fruitful constructive input;
  • Wonderful locally-sourced and delectably prepared regular group meals;
  • Regular 'Get Lit Up' social cocktails hours to foster lasting literary connections with fellow participants.  
  • The workshops, coordinated craft discussions and social activities are arranged to afford residents time to reflect, write and workshop and review one another's work.  For this reason, all registrations are closely reviewed and carefully selected.

Carefully Selected Applications to Foster First-rate Programs

Write Away Europe Retreats provide inspiring, creative retreat experiences for all participatnts.  Whether you're primarily seeking travel and reflective time away from the rigors and daily demands of everyday life, novel new adventures and rewarding connections with mentors and Retreat participants, the aim is for you to have time to write, reflect, have valuable one-on-one time with the staff of Mentors, workshop your work and establish a new set of lasting like-minded, supportive literary connections to help you achieve your personal writing goals..

Write Away Residencies offer experienced on-hand staff, talented and generous mentors, stunning settings in stimulating environments and carefully coordinated programs to help participants take their writing ambitions to the next level.  In each program, Residents will savor beautiful scenery, excellent locally-sourced foods and wines, stimulating literary conversations and social gatherings designed to ensure that participants make lasting literary friendships.

In order to facilitate the quality and depth of both Mentor and peer review, registrants are encouraged to provide detailed information, bio and writing sample for review of the Write Away Residency Staff so that Residents are selected with the goal of coordinating a cohesive and close group. Applications are closely reviewed and carefully selected and applicants will be asked and encouraged to allow Write Away Staff to share writing samples with fellow participants in advance of the Residency so that fellow participants will have a familiarity and frame of reference upon arrival which helps Residents to form closer connections for a most rewarding and supportive workshop environment.

Writing can be hard. And solitary.  Write Away Europe is dedicated to inspiring you, making writing easier and providing you with lasting travel memories and like-minded literary connections that you'll value for a lifetime.

Register now to reserve your place and join the Write Away Europe journey.  Retreats are kept small to ensure hands-on collaborative and rewarding workshops - and to ensure that each participant gets extensive individual time with writing mentors.  Participation is limited.


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